ReactJS Bind() Hell

I (along with many others) hate having to call React's components methods with something that looks like: this.method.bind(this). If you don't know what I'm talking about, read more about it in this post.

In my projects, I add to the React.Component class prototype, a helper method which helps me remove those crazy bindings. I do, at top level file, the following addition to the Component class:

// Deps =========================================
import React from 'react';  

// Adding _bind helper to Components ============
React.Component.prototype._bind = function _bind(...methods) {

    methods.forEach((method) => {

        this[method] = this[method].bind(this);

Pretty neat, right? Each argument, will be the name of the method to bind the context to. Here a little counter to show you how to use it:

// Item class ===================================
class Item extends Component {  
    constructor() {


        //== Initial State
        this.state = {
            count: 0

        //== Save initial state
        this.baseState = this.state;

        //== Pre-bind all events handlers
        this._bind('handleClick', 'handleReset');

    handleClick(evt) {

        let { count } = this.state;

        count += 1;

        this.setState({ count });

    handleReset(evt) {

        this.setState({ this.baseState });

    render() {

        const { handleClick, handleReset, state } = this;
        const { count } = state;

        return (
                { `Clicks Count: ${count}` }
                <button onClick={ handleClick }>Increment</button>
                <button onClick={ handleReset }>Reset</button>

Look at the constructor there is a this._bind() method. We pass the methods to add context to, like string arguments, and the _bind method in the prototype, binds the component this context to them. This way, we can simply call the component's method without binding on each call.

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